Archived news

In late 2015 EcoPeoPle member Bryan Boruff published a paper with Yinghui Cao and Ilona M. McNeill on ‘Defining Sufficient Household Preparedness for Active Wildfire Defense: Toward an Australian Baseline’ in Natural Hazards Review, 2015, 17(1),DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)NH.1527-6996.0000211. The study begins to offer a tangible definition and operationalization of the required level of preparedness for safely staying and defending a property by householders in Australian wildfires.

EcoPeoPle member Alistair Paterson had two new ARC-funded projects commencing in 2016: a Future Fellowship on Coastal Connections: dynamic societies of Australia’s Northwest frontier; and a Linkage Project with the WA Museum involving a large research team on the topic of ‘Collecting the West: Reimagining Western Australia from its collections’. Congratulations Alistair! We will post updates on the progress of these projects as they develop.